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We like helping people to make better choices on things that matter, such as work, study.

Today we also offer tools and blogs to help people get through the challenges we are all suddenly faced with.

Take the current situation we are in to (re) assess the right career path for you. We make it easy to explore this.

What motivates us to help people pick the right career is that a staggering 50% of us choose the wrong path.

We know how to avoid making the wrong career choice.

We’d like to offer a place where you can find out your true likes quickly, and then get you great insights into majors and jobs. It’s indeed like a preview of jobs and majors.

We let students or job holders talk about how they got there and what it’s really like, so you can make much better informed decisions about your career:

Youtubes of ‘day in the life’ of people, great podcasts, nice reads, online courses to get a taste for a job or study, books, good blogs, and relevant forum sites.

We value people wanting to become a Tattoo Artist as much as people wanting to become a Neurosurgeon. College is right for some, and trade school much better for others.

And we keep a close eye on listing jobs that have good future prospects.

Chat with peers and people who chose your path

We also created places to chat, leave your questions or comments. Connect with people who share your interests, or who are a few years down the road on where you consider to go. 

Your privacy matters a lot

We care quite a bit about your privacy. That’s why we ask minimal personal data from you. We may want to use your preferences and likes to hook you up with other relevant users or external partners, but only if you are okay with it. Check our cookies policy and other policies for details.

Swipe test

An important element of FindMino is the Swipe test. The test is largely based on the Holland or Riasec test, a scientifically proven career test that is used across the globe by career sites and career advisors. We simplified the test while retaining the core elements, making it nicer to use. By continuously using the Swipe test and receive feedback we are able to tweak it to perfection.

Share us !

Since we’re just starting, don’t hold back in sharing us on your other social accounts (https://findmino.com/register), and give us plenty of feedback, so we can tweak things for you. 

Social Enterprise

FindMino is a social enterprise, meaning we are a for-profit company aimed at making a social impact, and being a force for good and giving back. We are in the process of getting registered as a B-corp.


We’re sorry for the ads and pop ups of the sites you get to. We can’t control that. And we don’t make money on them!
If we have content we do make money on, we’ll let you know. Income from ads helps us to fund FindMino en keep it actual. E.g. as an Amazon associate or Coursera affiliate we earn from qualifying purchases. However, we only list items if we believe they are pretty good. Whether we make money on them or not is not driving our listings. And you’ll see ‘Ad’ items in blue or the text ‘Sponsored link’ and an indication of who promoted the item, when applicable.

Content we choose is always based on existing reviews, or your feedback on our site. We aim to pick great quality items, but rate what you see, please!

Contact us

If you have any comments on questions on using Findmino.com, please drop us a line on info@findmino.com

Enjoy ! 


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