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How to choose your career path in challenging times?

Today, we all receive conflicting messages about our future. Many of us lost their jobs, or our parents did, our family, our friends. Some politicians push hard to reduce Covid restrictions. Others warn for a long continuation. Stock markets continue to keep up, with hopes of fair recovery. Nobody really understands. The human voice counts […]

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How to choose a future-proof career?

The labor market is shaken up. Big time. The unemployment rate in the US peaked to nearly 20% earlier this year. Fortunately it dropped back to single digits in recent months, but it’s still high. Some jobs may not return at all. And a number of jobs already started to disappear before Covid-19. Check this […]

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Find people who can share their career stories.

When exploring what career direction we’d like to take, we often under-estimate the importance of meeting people who do the job or studies we consider. Many of us choose our paths based on incomplete pictures of what a career looks like. Hence the high drop out rate at college, and the large number of people […]

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Career advice, who should I listen to?

Who is the most reliable career consultant when it comes to career choices? Your parents, partner, teacher? We get a lot of solicited and unsolicited advice on what job to choose, what college to go to. Parents, School Counselor, teacher, friends, your aunt: how to go about their advice and suggestions ? For career advice, […]

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Jobs without degrees – the new normal.

College as we know it is about to disappear. At FindMino, we conducted a survey a little while ago with teens and young adults across North America and learned that nearly 75% of those contacted confirmed they would prefer to go to college.[1] The mindset of most teenagers and young adults is still that college […]

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Telling your own story

Understanding your passions, and putting them into words. The stories we tell matter.  Every person, every community, every place has a story. Stories shape our identities, our imagination, each other and how we know the world around us.   To change our world, we need to change our stories. It has always been this way.    Since the […]

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Gap year, how do I know if it’s right for me?

There’s an increasing interest in taking a gap year after high school or college[1].  And Covid-19 puts many people in a position to rethink their next steps. A Gap year could offer a great ‘step back’ and sit out the economic downturn we are facing. While still small (about 1.5% of first time college freshmen do […]