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How to choose a future-proof career?

The labor market is shaken up. Big time. The unemployment rate in the US peaked to nearly 20% earlier this year. Fortunately it dropped back to single digits in recent months, but it’s still high. Some jobs may not return at all. And a number of jobs already started to disappear before Covid-19. Check this […]

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Why our view on careers is dramatically changing.

Millions of students around the globe are experiencing something with a huge impact to their lives. Consequently we are changing our view on careers dramatically. This period of uncertainty, health threats and social disconnect is harsh on all of us. Recent research confirms that Americans up to the age of 18 are bored, worried, stressed, […]

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Alternatives to 4-year college are attractive.

Uncertain times make you look for alternatives. More and more high school students are reconsidering their thoughts about next steps. Are the four years at college going to be worth it? Will I find the career I really want? Is the gigantic college debt worth it? Harvard professor, Robert B. Schwartz, worded it nicely “the […]