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Covid-19 Trends Cindy Luzcando-Herron

When will the French kiss again?

When will we be back to normal times? When will we shake hands again? When will we be able to meet up with friends again, join a party? How do we pull ourselves through this difficult period? The French President, Emmanuel Macron, literally said ‘we are at war now‘ when he referred to the Covid-19 […]

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Covid-19 Money Cindy Luzcando-Herron

Side Hustles for Creatives During Covid-19

By Jei Bevie. The coronavirus has hit the world hard. The World Bank reports that Covid-19 has plunged the world into the worst recession since World War II, with far-reaching effects that even expert economists aren’t sure how to quantify. In addition, the personal fear of you or your loved ones contracting the virus, has made for […]

Covid-19 Cindy Luzcando-Herron

Tackling Corona. Who’s doing what?

Millions of people across the world have put aside priorities to just focus on one:  COVID-19.  They all have an important role to play, from different professional angles. Who is managing the Corona virus? Let’s take a look at the jobs and majors that are most ‘affected’.  Get a feel for how people have an […]