Covid-19 FindMino team

Tackling Corona. Who’s doing what?

Millions of people across the world have put aside priorities to just focus on one:  COVID-19.  They all have an important role to play, from different professional angles. Who is managing the Corona virus? Let’s take a look at the jobs and majors that are most ‘affected’.  Get a feel for how people have an […]

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Effective resumes in 2020

That awkward thing. The one document you need, but that tends to be ignored by the receiver. Let’s see what we can do to picked out. Your resume is about what you’ve done and who you are. It’s different from your ‘CV’, which is what you factually have done. A resume is a way to […]

College Life Wellness Cindy Luzcando-Herron

College Life: Anxiety Struggles

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about going to college? Living in a new place, making new friends, learning new things, finally getting to live as an “adult” – all this and much more makes up the college experience. But like every journey, it is not all blue skies. Recent […]

Career tips Rogier Rijnja

Jobs without degrees – the new normal.

College as we know it is about to disappear. At FindMino, we conducted a survey a little while ago with teens and young adults across North America and learned that nearly 75% of those contacted confirmed they would prefer to go to college.[1] The mindset of most teenagers and young adults is still that college […]

Covid-19 Trends Rogier Rijnja

Why our view on careers is dramatically changing.

Millions of students around the globe are experiencing something with a huge impact to their lives. Consequently we are changing our view on careers dramatically. This period of uncertainty, health threats and social disconnect is harsh on all of us. Recent research confirms that Americans up to the age of 18 are bored, worried, stressed, […]

Job search FindMino team

Networking. How do you do it?

To find a job now or later on, networking is the name of the game. The application letter and resume are no longer the keys to getting selected. It’s your ability to ‘network’. So what does it mean, and how do you do that? What it is. Networking is about using connections that people have, […]

Career tips Jeffrey Leinaweaver

Telling your own story

Understanding your passions, and putting them into words. The stories we tell matter.  Every person, every community, every place has a story. Stories shape our identities, our imagination, each other and how we know the world around us.   To change our world, we need to change our stories. It has always been this way.    Since the […]

Trends Rogier Rijnja

Alternatives to 4-year college are attractive.

Uncertain times make you look for alternatives. More and more high school students are reconsidering their thoughts about next steps. Are the four years at college going to be worth it? Will I find the career I really want? Is the gigantic college debt worth it? Harvard professor, Robert B. Schwartz, worded it nicely “the […]