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Gap year, how do I know if it’s right for me?

There’s an increasing interest in taking a gap year after high school or college[1].  And Covid-19 puts many people in a position to rethink their next steps. A Gap year could offer a great ‘step back’ and sit out the economic downturn we are facing. While still small (about 1.5% of first time college freshmen do […]

Covid-19 FindMino team

Medical careers have a huge impact.

Nurses, doctors and lab specialists have proven to be vital to society. They are the heroes of the covid-19 drama. Medical careers are becoming top of mind of many people. When you are still exploring what career to take, would this be something to consider ? Or switch from where you are right now and […]

Covid-19 FindMino team

5 things we must do right now.

Getting a bit overwhelmed with all the advice on how to deal with the current situation? We took the 5 key points that jump out. 1. TAKE CARE OF YOUR HEALTH You have been moving less than you normally do. Movement is important to stay healthy. ➡️ Pick up sports again. This could be as […]

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Scholarships. How to find the right ones

We selected the 5 best scholarship apps and sites. Take a look at which one would work best for you. 5 Things Every Student Should Know About Scholarships Our top 5 apps/sites: College Raptor is a college search directory, but their real power comes in the form of their College Scholarship Calculator app. This app […]

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What if a 4-year college isn’t for me?

Let’s be real, college isn’t for everyone. Some people love school, like myself, and some people go because they feel they should (social pressure) or their parents make them. But what if, like for real, college isn’t for you? There are a lot of blogs out there about going to college and the reasons to […]