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Study from home. How to turn it into a benefit?

A guide for students

Taken by surprise

This is going so fast. More and more schools are closing. You hardly got time to adjust. Many students initially felt a relief. But after a couple of days came that nagging feeling that finding a new normal, and adjusting to school online might take a while. Not meeting your friends. No sports. And what about music, art, crafts?

Schools are stepping up rapidly to offer online classes. Are you able to manage your productivity and have time for yourself? Are you able to handle it all during this time of change? The crisis we’re now getting into is painful in many respects. A good strategy to get through crises is to find out how to use the new situation for your benefit. Let’s explore how to turn studying at home into a positive, and make this time be beneficial.

What you will experience the learning curve in instant online education: the good, the bad, the ugly

Teachers are rapidly being equipped to deliver their classes online. There’s a nice growth of tools that teachers can use to connect with their students. They allow them to connect everyone visually, share class material, enable discussion. Google Classroom is great, but it isn’t everything.

Teachers will need to get used to the set up. Some will have a quicker connect with it than others. How will you engage in true social learning with others in an online learning environment.

Turning home study into a benefit. We could do it.

Being home while attending class, will have its advantages. Hanging out on the couch in your comfy clothes, and being in your own room, or home a big plus! No rush to get to school, just log on.

But things will be different, of course. Due to the ‘distant learning’ set up, there will be much less chance for traditional forms of class distraction. The dynamics of the class room won’t be there. The vibe, the quick eye contact, the bit-of-fun is hard to create online. The interaction will be rather structured. It will result in more focused classes. Prepare yourself for the discipline of how you are going to focus on school, when there is even more Snapchat, instagram and other distractions at your fingertips.

What you’ll need to watch

Begin to consider how you want to become your own personal leader and create a bit of discipline in your daily life. What does this look like for you? Going to school, running to classes, being in a classroom, they all establish a rhythm that makes you study regularly. You are part of a system, and you ‘can’t hide’. By suddenly being home, the rhythm is rudely interrupted. Having online classes will bring some of it back, but you will need to rely much more on your own discipline than before. It will important to make it a habit to create a daily plan, a weekly plan for study: topics to cover, amount of time assigned to each topic.

Social connection. Not seeing your friends every day will be quite a change. Do find ways to ‘stay in touch’ in a different way. If necessary talk with your parents/ guardian about the importance of ‘social media time’ right now. There is an argument to increase your time on social media quite a bit for the time you can’t go to school due to the Corona virus.

Art and music. Creative expression and development are essential in building your ‘skill set’, independent from the career path you will pursue. Studying remotely will make it harder to be active in this area. When you have a gift, take the extra time to deepen your talent. If you’re not sure you got a talent, explore a few. Take some online art classes, or music lessons. Time to learn to play an instrument?

Turning home study into a benefit. Take the extra time to work your health.

Make this time become a healthy project for you and your growth.

Sports. Even walking to the bus, or being to school is movement. Let alone sports at school or after. Some sport activities may continue. Check if you can spend more time at them. And if you can’t, find alternative ways to move, everyday, regularly. Consider new sports that are ‘safe’ from a contagiousness standpoint. Try running, biking, or walking. Start a home fitness routine. Online yoga and YouTube workouts. Offer to walk the dog. It is important you take good care of your body and health.

Food. Hanging around the home could get you into snacking mode, before you know. Why not turn things around? Take the time you can’t go to school to increase your physical exercise, supported by having healthy food? Check out this John Hopkin’s University blog on healthy food during adolescence.

There’s more time for long term things

Apart from focusing on the situation at hand in order to work on your creative skills or health, you will have more time to spend on topics you normally would not focus on.

Career choice. You got some ideas about ‘after high school’, or may be you don’t have a clue yet. Use the extra time you got now to explore your career options.

Try It’s an easy and pleasant tool to find out your interests, and explore all kinds of career paths. From Tattoo Artist to Neurosurgeon, from Organic Farmer to Machine Learning Engineer, to Attorney. And it’s for free.

Check our recent blog for inspiration. Who is doing what in tackling the virus? A quick check on jobs that matter at crises like these.

Study planning. Map the time ahead of you in weeks, months, possibly years before finishing high school (or college). What are the main things you would need to accomplish. The electives to choose, the projects to deliver, the work based learning to be gathered. List it and time it. Check this Wikihow blog for more suggestions.

Tough times. No one saw this crisis coming. It’s painful to see the impact to people. But it is remarkable how we respond. Crises often trigger goodness, inventiveness. Let’s turn home study into a benefit.

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