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College Life Rogier Rijnja

Easy Test Taking Tips you can use today

Despite the developments made in understanding the different ways people learn, not much has changed with regards to assessing their knowledge. Standardized tests are still very much the norm, especially when it comes to gaining admission to colleges. It can be a big source of stress for those who are not the best test-takers. If […]

Career tips Covid-19 Rogier Rijnja

How to choose your career path in challenging times?

Today, we all receive conflicting messages about our future. Many of us lost their jobs, or our parents did, our family, our friends. Some politicians push hard to reduce Covid restrictions. Others warn for a long continuation. Stock markets continue to keep up, with hopes of fair recovery. Nobody really understands. The human voice counts […]

Career tips Rogier Rijnja

Telling your own story

Understanding your passions, and putting them into words. The stories we tell matter.  Every person, every community, every place has a story. Stories shape our identities, our imagination, each other and how we know the world around us.   To change our world, we need to change our stories. It has always been this way.    Since the […]

Career tips Rogier Rijnja

Einstein’s accidents

How your personal story can lead to a breakthrough. Sometimes developing one’s career seems like a daunting task.  And when we compare ourselves to others, it seems like so many people seem to have it all all together.  The reality: careers are often built in accidental ways.  Later, in retrospect, careers seem destined and not accidental at all.   […]