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Side Hustles for Creatives During Covid-19

By Jei Bevie. The coronavirus has hit the world hard. The World Bank reports that Covid-19 has plunged the world into the worst recession since World War II, with far-reaching effects that even expert economists aren’t sure how to quantify. In addition, the personal fear of you or your loved ones contracting the virus, has made for […]

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Dealing with uncertainty. How do you do that?

What can I best do to pull myself (and others) through? Our worlds have been turned upside down. Our personal lives have changed suddenly and intensely. We are all trying to find the right ways to balance our work lives, family lives, personal lives. Almost all of us are thrown into situations we weren’t familiar […]

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How to choose your career path in challenging times?

Today, we all receive conflicting messages about our future. Many of us lost their jobs, or our parents did, our family, our friends. Some politicians push hard to reduce Covid restrictions. Others warn for a long continuation. Stock markets continue to keep up, with hopes of fair recovery. Nobody really understands. The human voice counts […]

Covid-19 FindMino team

Tackling Corona. Who’s doing what?

Millions of people across the world have put aside priorities to just focus on one:  COVID-19.  They all have an important role to play, from different professional angles. Who is managing the Corona virus? Let’s take a look at the jobs and majors that are most ‘affected’.  Get a feel for how people have an […]

Career tips Covid-19 FindMino team

Gap year, how do I know if it’s right for me?

There’s an increasing interest in taking a gap year after high school or college[1].  And Covid-19 puts many people in a position to rethink their next steps. A Gap year could offer a great ‘step back’ and sit out the economic downturn we are facing. While still small (about 1.5% of first time college freshmen do […]

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Medical careers have a huge impact.

Nurses, doctors and lab specialists have proven to be vital to society. They are the heroes of the covid-19 drama. Medical careers are becoming top of mind of many people. When you are still exploring what career to take, would this be something to consider ? Or switch from where you are right now and […]

Covid-19 FindMino team

5 things we must do right now.

Getting a bit overwhelmed with all the advice on how to deal with the current situation? We took the 5 key points that jump out. 1. TAKE CARE OF YOUR HEALTH You have been moving less than you normally do. Movement is important to stay healthy. ➡️ Pick up sports again. This could be as […]