FindMino Team

Our international team brings indepth experience in executive management, human resources management, coding, front end development, coaching, design, journalism, teaching, singing (!), meditation and writing. 

We work or worked at a variety of international organizations: tech, consumer goods, music, automotive, sporting goods, e-commerce, health, education, public services and retail. 

The three of us spearhead the project, supported by a broad network of advisors in psychology, youth counselling, design, tech, finance and business.

Jeff believes choices like college or work should start with inspiration combined with great data. So we’ve selected a rich mix of online material and information to help people find the jobs or majors which inspire and match interests. Jeff brings in creative thinking and loves to inspire people, be inspired and help people craft the career path of their choosing.

His Mino profile is Enterprising, Artistic and Social.

Martijn leads the design and tech side of FindMino. Mino was designed by him, as was the look and feel of the site. He also leads the development effort to get FindMino coded such that it could offer all the incredible blows and whistles we like so much.

His Mino profile is Enterprising, Artistic and Practical.

Rogier started it all off. And he coordinates the initiative. He very much likes newness, enjoys to be against the grain. Loves to open up people’s minds on what they are capable of doing, explore paths they never thought of. Enjoy life. Have fun.

His Mino profile is Enterprising, Artistic and Social.