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The closest alternative to job fairs and open days.

Getting a ‘look inside’ jobs or college majors is essential to make up your mind. The touch base with companies or organizations at job fairs is a welcome means to get a sense of what it’s all about. Shall I go to college? What major to pick? Or go to trade school? or what about taking a job right away?

Job fairs and companies presenting themselves. We were looking forward to them to get a sense of what’s out there after school.

But then came covid-19.

Looking for alternatives to job fairs? We offer the closest alternative.

The closest alternative to job fairs.

This is what we did. We created a platform with a huge offer of career paths that could go any direction, or touch any field of knowledge or skill.

You start by performing a swipe quiz. And this gets you a sharper picture of what you would enjoy most. Call it a personality test lite.

We then suggest career paths that would fit with your profile. But it’s just a start. By means of tags and ‘related jobs’ you can move around and explore. Want to go straight to work, want to go to college? It’s all possible. No given paths.

Click the career names below to take a look at possible jobs or majors.

Day in the life video’s, pay and job prospects. From trade school, community college to college routes mapped out.

We picked the best we could find online. And there’s more. We also offer links to great podcasts. And we selected useful blogs, online courses, relevant books at Amazon, and professional associations that offer examples of career paths, discussions of experts. It’s all to get you real ‘looks inside’ careers.

And we added links to Indeed and Monster also, so you will find current vacancies per job.

So we think we offer the closest alternative to job fairs.

Look inside careers. Just like you preview a new Netflix series.

A preview of books at Amazon, or a preview of a Netflix series. Pretty useful. They give us a quick overview of what it is about. We do the same with careers, but a bit more. What’s driving us as human resource professionals is that we saw too many people choosing the wrong careers.

Imagine the waste of time and money (college debt!) this creates.

Plenty of research confirms that up to 50% of us either choose the wrong majors or the wrong careers.

We want you help avoid that.

Need some advice on how to prepare for applications? Check our blog ‘Top 3 things to get yourself a job‘ or ‘Effective resumes in 2020‘.

And it’s for free.

Yes. There’s no cost for you. We placed some ads to get some of our cost covered (but modest), and are preparing to connect with School districts and Rotary clubs to organise Job Shadows, Internships and Career Coffee Meets with people in your community in the near future.

Let us know if you think your community could do with such activity. Please mail us at

Useful resources

Check National Career fairs to find virtual job fairs organized near you.

JobFairsIn also offers an overview of virtual job fairs.

Or check’s list of virtual job fairs here. is a web app that offers an inspiring place to get sorted on career choice. In a pleasant way FindMino helps to make your mind up on where you want to go. And it pre-sorts online information so you can take a ‘look inside’ a job or college major.